Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Walden Jacksonville Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting with Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce

Chris Boetcker, Brian Holcomb, Mike Dwyer, Cal Heseman, Dan Younkins, Mark Carillon, Sara Burden, Beau Palmer, Brent Ross, Clark Burton, and Howard Caplan made the Ribbon Cutting with Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce a great success. Thank you all for coming!

Chet Walden addresses Judy File, Mark McCranie, Andrew Russell and Kevin Monahan explaining how excited Walden Businesses is to be part of the Jacksonville business community.

Andrew Russell, Kevin Monahan, Stephanie Deimling, Mike Dwyer, Brent Ross, Kathrin Lancelle, Chris Boetcker brought a warm reception for Walden from the Jacksonville business community.

Walden Businesses President Chet Walden and Vice President Sara Burden were pleased to host members of the Jacksonville community and appreciated all who attended to make the event a success.

Beau Palmer of Office Suites Plus is a wonderful contributor to the Walden Jacksonville team.
She was instrumental in the Grand Opening event running smoothly.

Walden Businesses Vice President Sara Burden puts final touches on preparations for the 
Grand Opening. Her meticulous and thorough planning was appreciated by all guests.

A great thank you to all of the planning contributors who helped prepare for the Grand Opening.

Cal Heseman, Principle of Walden Jacksonville, enjoyed visiting with his guests: Andrew Russell, Howard Caplan, Kathrin Lancelle, Brent Ross and Kevin Monahan.

 Dan Younkins Principal of Walden Jacksonville welcomes guests to the Grand Opening.

A great thanks to Judy Gile and Mike McCranie from the Jacksonville 
Business Journal for their support.

Stephanie Deimling, Mark Biastre and Mark Aston from the Jacksonville 
Chamber of Commerce were great co-hosts for the Ribbon Cutting.

Chet Walden enjoyed hosting guests and showed his appreciation 
for those who made the Grand Opening a great event!